Dee’s Vegan Food Review

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Dee's Organic Omega Burger

We have just launched our vegan  food range in the Netherlands and we were delighted to see our food reviewed by Lorena.  Lorena runs the popular food blog and is a Spanish girl that lives in Amsterdam.   We love her ideas of using our food in recipes like Vegan Pigs in Blankets, Shepherd’s Pie and a tasty way of serving our Organic Omega Burger.  To read the full review go to Hola Vegan

Dee’s Moroccan Veg Pot is nutritionally balanced and contains protein in the form of chickpeas, carbohydrates in the form of potatoes and lots of tasty, high fibre vegetables in a delicious sauce made with warming Moroccan spices.  This dish is slightly sweet due to the addition of un-sulphured dried apricots and raisins which also increase the soluble  fibre content which improves digestion.

Thanks Lorena, Dee xx

Dee's Moroccan Veg Pot
Dee’s Moroccan Veg Pot

Dee’s Organic Omega Burger is a simple wholefood burger made from natural unprocessed wholefood ingredients like brown rice, millet, sunflower seeds and the super seed hempseeds, carrots and broccoli.   There is no sugar, saturated fat or  salt  in these burgers.   Our Omega burger is an ideal base to put your favourite fixings on and we love that Lorena has stacked this burger like a traditional cheeseburger but with all healthy ingredients!

Dee's Organic Omega Burger
Dee’s Organic Omega Burger


Author: Dee

‘Goodness is Tasty!’ It’s a philosophy I’ve always believed in, but it’s something I’ve found hard to see in reality on the shelves of my local supermarket when buying food. The situation was vividly brought home to me after completing my degree in Food Science at UCC. I was suddenly confronted with the truth about the array of additives that are routinely pumped into our foods and the effect it has on our health. They say knowledge is power and after my degree I was put on the path to a more natural, wholefood and plant-based diet.